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20 Years Serving Transplant

April 23, 2013

I have been humbled to serve the transplant community for twenty years.  In those years our company has grown from two graduate students in a basement to a corporation of 40 full time staff living across the country.  We have gone from an idea and a contract for a prototype system to more than 75 customers in over 20 states and provinces.

From the onset we understood that we were not building run-of-the-mill software but were doing something very important.  But we also realized we were working in a very complex environment.  The intellectual, technical, and user-design challenges have been astounding, but the rewards for success have always been greater than the costs.

I want to thank our customers, our team, and our investors for creating, nurturing, and continuing to be supportive of our mission.

Paul H. Kenyon, Ph.D.