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OTTR Chronic Care Solutions Achieves CIBMTR Certification

March 7, 2014

OTTR™ Chronic Care Solutions, the leader in transplant patient tracking and data management software, is proud to announce that they have received official certification from the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) and the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) to submit, and retrieve, data using the AGNIS application and framework.

The CIBMTR provides a unique resource of data for addressing important issues in hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT). It is comprised of a worldwide network of HCT centers that share data on HCT outcomes, and a statistical center that maintains a clinical database with information for nearly 350,000 HCT recipients from over 500 transplant centers in 52 countries. Active in BMT research since 1972, the CIBMTR collects information on the results of HCT and uses this information to identify ways to improve transplant outcomes.

AGNIS, or A Growable Network Information System, is an open-source messaging system specifically designed to exchange hematopoietic cell transplant data using a secure, standards-based system. Clinical data exchange across the transplant community will ultimately decrease the time it takes for patient data follow-up to be available for research and reporting purposes.
This certification demonstrates OTTR’s commitment to the development of Registry Agent software tools that promote electronic data transmission. The potential for comprehensive data capture within a single data source is something that any blood and marrow program can now work to achieve. As a suite, OTTR’s workflow based capture throughout the transplant continuum, its AGNIS registry agent technology, and its data visualization tools work together to optimize patient safety, clinical and research outcomes, operational efficiencies, and the financial performance of blood and marrow transplant programs.

OTTR™ marks this certification designation as an achievement, and is grateful for the strong collaboration between the CIBMTR, the NMDP, and their existing customer base, which allowed OTTR™ to reach this milestone. As registry agent technology moves into day to day clinical practice over the next year, OTTR™ will remain positioned as a leader to continually evolve and enhance its software to meet the needs of the blood and marrow transplant community.

The OTTRbmt™ Blood and Marrow Transplant module is a long-term clinical software system for the management of transplant recipients, and donors. Founded in 1993, OTTR™ Chronic Care Solutions currently has contracts with centers in the United States and Canada and supports over 200 different programs in the specialty areas of blood and marrow, kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, islet, bowel, and lung transplantation.