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OTTR Comprehensive Heart Product

July 30, 2013

OTTR Comprehensive Heart Product, a holistic approach to managing heart patients…
Heart failure is a condition that needs to be managed closely. It is usually very costly, results in many hospitalizations, can decrease a person’s quality of life, and even cause death. The OTTR team has added a Comprehensive Heart Product which includes the Advanced Heart Failure Management module, VAD Mechanical Circulatory Support module and Heart Transplant module. The purpose of having a Comprehensive Heart Product is to assist Heart Programs to have a holistic approach for managing their heart patients through the continuum of care and provide a management workflow.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals are being penalized for 30 day readmission of heart failure patients. With the increased awareness around guidelines and regulations, hospitals are focusing on patient outcomes and how to better manage heart failure patients to decrease the number of readmissions. Therefore, hospitals with heart programs have more challenges than ever to have a precise set of interventions to improve care for heart failure patients, better teaching and follow-up instructions, and enhanced communication throughout their entire care team; OTTR can assist with these challenges for patient care both in and out of the hospital.

OTTR is a comprehensive patient charting and data aggregation software which can assist in CMS compliance of heart failure patients, could result in patients receiving better care in the hospital and at discharge, and therefore, could help to reduce hospitalizations and readmission of heart failure patients.