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Quality Data Management

May 24, 2013

I have had several good conversations in the last few months with professionals engaged in Quality Management in sold organ transplant centers. Judging by the credentials of the individuals being recruited into these positions,  transplant centers are continuing to give a real focus on this area.

Fundamentally, quality management requires the collection of good, detailed, accurate data on current processes. Simply put: what we don’t measure, we cannot manage.  The collection of this data can be done retrospectively or proactively.  Note: even typing the data down at the end of the work day is retrospective.   To gather quality data proactively, the best route is to gather the quality data from the system which is being used to manage the workflow.

While the OTTR software has been used for this type of “quality reporting” informally for more than a dozen years, we have recognized we need to conduct continuous improvement in this area.  Moderate advances have been made with query tools and dash-boarding tools.  But opportunities for advancement remain.

At OTTR, our current focus areas are what are the quality measures that all of our customers want to be checking and how should we build-them-in to our product’s standard configuration.  More interestingly, how do we use software to drive better processes that gather better quality data, and potentially, drive better patient follow-up care.

I am curious to hear from individuals (current OTTR, Inc. customers or not) who have an interest in this topic for potential conversations.