To support your entire team of physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators, OTTR and Hemasoft are collaborating to connect best-in-class solutions for cellular therapy products. These integrated health care software solutions enhance patient safety, streamline your end-to-end workflow and facilitate seamless data exchange.

Key Features

OTTR and Hemasoft have enhanced the features and functionality of each system to develop a comprehensive cellular therapy workflow that includes:

  • Donor selection and donor eligibility determinations to optimize donor and recipient safety
  • Cellular collection support for allogeneic and autologous donations with collection details gathered through integration with hospital systems and direct connection to apheresis devices
  • Real-time, integrated lab results correlated with transplant details for faster information exchange
  • Component manufacturing, allowing custom configuration for processes and all components made in the cellular laboratory; includes all component validation rules based on test results coming from the laboratory information system; full support of ISBT 128 labeling
  • Quality processes, including full audit trail at all stages; statistics, reporting and KPI dashboards; support for FACT and JACIE compliance; complete ISBT compliance; ISO-9001:2008 certification as a quality management system
  • Inventory management, providing real-time inventory status and multi-site inventory management for multi-location facilities; location management of frozen components in storage (e.g., tanks or freezers); user-friendly inventory search capabilities
  • Distribution to allow for product issue, order preparation and administration to the recipient with traceability at the bedside using PDA-based software; adverse event tracking during cellular infusion and post-infusion
  • Data organization and visualization with graphic presentation tools, dashboards and automated reports that display clinical and cellular product and processing data in multiple ways; support tools for AGNIS forms

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