OTTR supports all hematopoietic transplant types, including adult and pediatric, autologous, allogeneic and cellular therapy procedures, by driving compliance with defined care paths and business processes to ensure optimal patient safety and clinical outcomes. Our tools minimize the time required for each step—referral, evaluation, collection and infusion as well as post-transplant follow-up.

Immune Effector Cell (IEC) Module

With the growth of next-generation therapies to modulate immune response, you’ll need a software solution that accommodates various workflows and requirements to keep pace with the evolving science. Like our proven software for cellular transplant, OTTR’s IEC solution enables you to plan, manage, track and report patient care throughout the cellular therapy continuum.

The IEC module improves patient care, manages workflows and creates operational efficiencies for the following immune effector cellular therapy tasks:

Streamline Operational Management

OTTR’s IEC module provides a comprehensive system for the day to day management of your growing cellular therapy program.  Gather referral information, patient care data and correlate for insurance, regulatory reporting and future research purposes.

Automate Your Workflow

Similar to our proven software for cellular transplant, the IEC module facilitates the scheduling, management and follow-up of events through configurable workflow plans.  Generate patient and provider letters and internal reports at a patient or population level.  Capture data to meet regulatory requirements according to the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR).

IEC Toxicity Monitoring

Track survival, mortality and long-term effects post IEC therapy, including cytokine release syndrome, neurotoxicity and other complications; enhance data capture workflow of IEC toxicities within the high risk and intermediate risk periods for later trending, validation and reporting.

Organization of Data

Multiple ways to aggregate data; graphic presentation tools, dashboards and automated reports can display a center’s clinical and programmatic IEC data.